Membership Information

Black Oak Membership

Black Oak Golf Course is proud of  its affiliated Men's and Women's Golf  Clubs.

The Men's Golf Club (BOMC), formed in 1986,  provides well organized 18 holes tournaments annually for its members. There is one major monthly shotgun tournament on the second Saturday of each month with many sweep prizes. There are also  tournaments know as the "Weekly Sweeps" which are held on every Wednesday morning. There are also many qualifying events for NCGA organized tournments, where successful players can play on some of the finest golf courses in Northern California. 

The Women's Golf Club (BOWGC) has been active since 1990. They are an 18 hole club comprised of both 9 and 18 hole members. Their regular play day is Tuesday, consisting of a 9-hole tournament with sweeps where they play regulation golf in accordance with USGA rules. Everyone plays in the tournament round and the 18 hole players make the turn and continue for another 9 holes of play.
There are also special events, social gatherings and golf clinics offered throughout the year.
Black Oak Women's Golf Club is a Pacific Women's Golf Association (PWGA) club.

SIR (Sons in Retirement)  have several local branchs that play at Black Oak. For additional information visit these links,